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Soft Silk Sarees

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A saree is a woman's most prized possession and beloved ethnic wear. And if it is a soft silk saree it is considered to be priceless. Women have been wearing silk sarees for almost all important occasions. The online ethnic market is full of options such as wedding silk sarees, soft silk sarees, south silk sarees, silk cotton sarees, printed silk sarees, south silk saree, and the list is endless. Due to their busy schedules, women today prefer to buy silk sarees online. In the online saree shopping, cash on delivery option is also made available. Thus if one is not satisfied either with the look or the texture, it can be returned immediately without any fear of loss of money.

Types of Soft Silk Sarees

Below mentioned some of the very popular Indian soft silk saree options:

  • Assam Silk Saree

The Assam silk sarees are, as the name suggests, created in the Assam region of India. The sarees are made up of Muga silk, which is famous for its durability. The Muga silk is a famous silk fabric that is generally used for making products such as traditional dress as well as Assam pure silk sarees.

  • Sambalpuri Silk Saree

The Sambalpuri Silk Sarees are made in the regions of Bargarh, Stone purple, Sambalpur, as well as Berhampur. They are also listed in the Geographical Indications of the Government of India.

  • Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

The Kancheepuram pure Silk Sarees are listed under the Government of India's Geographical indication. These pure silk sarees are the most famous type of South silk sarees produced in Tamil Nadu, in the Kanchipuram region.

The sarees are popularly worn during weddings in the South of India. The demand for Kanchipuram sarees is not only existing in the south of India but also present among the North Indian women as well as the North-eastern women. This rising demand for Kanchipuram silk sarees is because the Kanchipuram pure silk sarees are very similar to the Banarasi pure silk sarees. The Kanchipuram silk sarees have earned a place for themselves in the minds and hearts of the women due to its brilliant colors and vibrant borders having temple themed patterns.

  • Baluchari Silk Saree

The Baluchi silk saree has its origin from the city of West Bengal. This saree is crafted from the tassar silk. The Baluchi silk sarees are manufactured in the Malda district of West Bengal.

Tips for maintaining Soft Silk Sarees

After buying and using, one needs to take care of this delicate attire so that they can be preserved for longer time durations. Below men are some of the tips to care for the printed silk sarees.

While discussing maintaining as well as taking care of the soft silk sarees, there are certain aspects that are needed to be kept in mind. The very first aspect to be discussed in the area of saree maintenance is the storage of the soft silk sarees.

It is to be remembered that such sarees are only worn occasionally and hence they need to be stored at an appropriate place in an appropriate manner. One must not pile the special wedding silk sarees or any other silk saree with the daily wear clothes. These must be stored separately on a different shelf in the closet. It is advisable to wrap up the special soft silk sarees by using either a printed cotton cloth or saree or a muslin cloth and only then store them. One more aspect to consider for better maintenance of the sarees is to hang them up rather than having multiple piles. By doing so, one can avoid the silk sarees from being creased or torn at the folds.

Many times the silk sarees pick up a peculiar odor, especially during the winters. To prevent this from happening, all that is needed to be done is to keep scented sachets or one can even have naphthalene balls placed near to the sarees in order to prevent the spreading of the small silkworms that may bite their way through the special soft silk sarees.

It is also suggested that during winters,  these sarees must be hung outside in the open air for a time period of at least half-an-hour so as to provide ventilation to the fabric and have a better life of the product. This drying enables the to make the silk sarees free from any sort of unwanted smell from the sarees. However, it must be taken care of not to let the saree be under the direct sunlight since it may cause the color to fade. It is better to hang out the sarees during the early morning time when the heat of the sun is not very intense as well as direct.

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