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Chiffon Sarees

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It is customary during many occasions as well as festivals for the women to dress up in pure chiffon sarees. But owning a chiffon saree is one aspect and buying it is another. There are some aspects that need to be kept in mind while purchasing pure chiffon sarees. Nowadays with the advent of online shopping, people prefer to buy wedding chiffon sarees online. Women have been in the trend to buy cotton sarees online. But now they have even started to buy chiffon sarees online. Be it online shopping of chiffon sarees or offline, there are certain things to be considered on all occasions.

About Chiffon Material for Sarees

The chiffon is said to be a lightweight plain-woven fabric having a mesh-like weave which gives it a transparent look. Chiffon has a French origin that means a cloth. Chiffon is primarily made from silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers such as rayon, nylon,  and polyester. The chiffon is also one of the most commonly used fabrics to weave delicate Sarees, Dresses, and Scarves.


The Chiffon fabric was made exclusively by using Silk until Nylon had been invented in 1938. After Polyester fabric had been introduced in 1958, the polyester chiffon combination became extremely popular due to its durability and economic viability.es, Dresses, and Scarves.

The Making of Chiffon

The process is a plain balanced weave where the similar weighted weft and warp threads have to be used on the loom for the purpose of manufacturing. The criss-cross pattern of weave that is generally used for the Chiffon fabric, gives it a checkered, mesh effect. The yarns that are used for weaving the fabric are alternately twisted. This results in the crumpling of fabric in various directions.

Tips for Buying Pure Chiffon Sarees

There exists a big variety of shops that sell chiffon sarees like weaver's society, retail outlets, govt owned shops, exclusive pure chiffon sarees showrooms and online websites for the purchase of pure chiffon sarees. But before deciding to purchase a chiffon saree, one must have a clear idea in their minds as to where they wish to buy the saree. As a tip, the best option, from among the above, for the purpose of purchasing a chiffon saree is a government-owned shop. The reason for this is that one can be assured to get the best quality of the products at reasonable rates. This is also the reason why even many foreign tourists come to such places to make their purchases for pure chiffon sarees as well as wedding chiffon sarees.

The next option for purchasing the pure chiffon sarees is the weaver's society. Here one can be sure about getting good quality sarees at relatively better rates. But if an individual has a heavy pocket and can spend a little more, there is a wide range of designer sarees that are available in from the exclusive chiffon saree showroom.

The next tip is about the price of the pure chiffon sarees. One needs to remember that when one seeks to get quality, it is always accompanied by a price tag. The same is true for the pure chiffon sarees. They are not at all cheap. If one is getting a chiffon saree at a discounted rate, then one is definitely being given a substandard quality product or a duplicate one. It is also possible that the saree may not be of pure chiffon. It could be a blend of silk with some other material.

The chiffon saree with embellishments on them appear gorgeous and enhance the richness and appeal of the saree. They have a greater value in monetary terms because of the working is done on it.

One more important detail while selecting a chiffon saree is the choice of an appropriate color. The saree color aids in determining the suitability of the saree on a particular individual. It should always be kept in mind that the color of the pure chiffon sarees must compliment the skin color of the individual.

Maintenance of the Chiffon Sarees

The Chiffon sarees should be preferably hand-washed or machine washed on slow mode with extra care to ensure that the fabric does not get frayed.

Another tip is that it is always advisable not to wash these sarees with any other clothes. They must be washed separately only with mild detergent especially during the first few wash cycles. This is because there are chances that the saree may bleed color. The duration of the wash cycle in a washing machine should be kept short since the saree fabric starts to lose color if it is kept in the water for a longer duration.

YOYO Fashion's Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon is considered to be a difficult fabric to work on as it has an extremely slippery texture. Yoyo fashion understands this aspect very well and hence they take utmost care in the process. At the time of cutting or sewing the fabric, the weavers place a non-slippery surface above the fabric to get a perfect stitch. For this, our tailor's layer papers on both sides of the fabric. This helps to keep the fabric together at the time of sewing or stitching. These rough surfaces of the papers help to hold the fabric in place. On completion of the sewing process, the papers are carefully ripped off.

For the sake of precaution, our craftsmen work slowly and steadily while handling this fabric. If the Chiffon fabric is stretched at the time of sewing, it may bunch together and result in ruining the entire stitch. The stitching on Chiffon is extremely clean and fine to ensure that the finished appearance is improved. This way we ensure that you get the finest Chiffon sarees.


Chiffon Sarees

Saree Prices (RS)

Designer Blue Printed Chiffon Saree

Rs. 699

Green and Brown Shibori Saree with Blouse

Rs. 799

Designer Red Printed Chiffon Saree      

Rs. 699

Firozi Embroidered Saree With Pink Blouse

Rs. 899

Blue Georgette Shibori Saree

Rs. 899

Red Georgette Shibori Saree

Rs. 899

Orange and Blue Chiffon Embroidered Saree     

Rs. 899

Pink Printed Georgette Saree

Rs. 899

White and Yellow Printed Georgette Saree

Rs. 799

Red Georgette Saree with Lace Border

Rs. 899


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