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Linen Sarees

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The rich look of the linen sarees with a unique way of draping makes them one of the most sought-after ethnic outfits in the market. Indian Sarees are timeless beauties. They are suitable for women of all ages and there is no specific restriction on who can wear them. These sarees symbolize the rich tradition of Indian handlooms and are now popularised by the younger generation. Any woman who has an aesthetic sense and an eye for beautiful sarees can wear and flaunt these lovely drapes. Especially worn on festivals, weddings and other occasions, sarees add a feminine grace to a woman's appearance!

The best part about a saree is that you can wear it on any occasion or even to your office and choose patterns that go along with it. Be it office wear or a marriage ceremony, YOYO Fashion has some of the best sarees that can dazzle your eyes.

Tracing the history of Linen Fabric

If you check the historical records, linen was invented long back in 5000 B.C. The name Linen has originated from a Latin word ‘Linum’ which means a flax plant.  Around that time, people actually started weaving linen from the flax plant. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a linen saree from this plant. It is primarily a light-weight thin fabric that suits women of all ages and body types. But the fabric and feel of Linen saree make them a popular choice amongst women.

The art of making Linen

Linen is basically a fiber that is obtained from the inner section of the bark of the plant (also known as the phloem). Hence it is superior in strength when compared to other fabrics. These fibers undergo processing and treatment to later get spun into yarn. Sometimes they can also be woven or knit into textiles of linen. Once these textiles are created they can be dyed or bleached, printed on or embroidered on, as per the needs of the outfit.

An alternate method is also used to create this fabric. Known as customizing, this method is much faster, less cumbersome and also requires less equipment. In this process, the stalks of flax are processed similar to cotton processing. To achieve this, workers use traditional cotton processing machinery. But, the disadvantages of this method are that the finished product lacks a distinct look and feel of linen.

The specialty of Linen Fabric and Sarees

  • This fabric has a tendency to absorb moisture hence it does not cause a skin rash.
  • Linen fabric is usually worn during sunny days because it gives a cooling effect to the body.
  • Being extremely versatile, this fabric is now used to create almost every form of Indian ethnic garments.
  • Some USP of this fabric is - strong, durable as well as highly absorbent, which is why is it used not just to create clothes but also to make towels, tablecloths, bags, aprons, napkins and cushion covers.
  • The fabric is well-known among many international brands and designers.
  • The linen fabric becomes softer with every wash.
  • Linen sarees brings out the natural beauty of a woman by showcasing her strengths.
  • This saree is a good combination of style and convenience.
  • Draping a linen saree is easy as it settles down without many wrinkles. You can drape it in different ways.
  • To get the chic corporate look, Linen sarees are an ideal office ethnic wear.
  • It is a versatile and classy fabric that can be draped in a way to give you an Indo-fusion look. 
  • Linen sarees are weaved in a wide range of colors from beige and ivory to tan and grey.

Get a unique look with Linen Saris

Linen clothes tend to have a fantastic fall and fit and are best suited to formal wear, although informal, casual clothes are also created with this fabric. As linen has a very raw and natural look to it, one can pair this fabric with simple minimalistic accessories to get a sober look. Quirky earrings and wooden jewelry will add a dose of fun and drama to your dapper saree look. When wearing white linen or cream linen, bright colors work very well in accessories making them stand out.

The dazzling and remarkably designed Linen Sarees from YOYO Fashion signify an epitome of feminine elegance and will add grandeur to your look. Our Linen Sarees are made up of high-quality fabric that ensures optimum convenience and comfort. It is ideal for casual wear, daily wear, and informal wear. Our brilliant craftsmen meticulously work on the fabric and design of the saree. The unique designs of Linen Saree will turn heads everywhere you go.

Our Latest and Beautiful Linen Saree Collection

  • Latest Designer Checked Linen Saree in different sizes of checks pattern
  • Latest Off White Linen Saree
  • Linen Jute Saree in orange and beige color with tassels
  • Linen Art Silk Saree in a zig-zag pattern
  • Floral Linen sarees in bright colors of yellow, orange, pink, firoji, green, sky blue and more

Shop Online for the best Linen Sarees from YOYO Fashion

We at YOYO Fashion are manufacturers and dealers of the latest and new ethnic outfits. On our online store, you can get every type of ethnic attire ranging from sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, and gowns. We have a beautiful and exquisite collection of latest and designer Linen Saree. And these sarees are easy to buy from the convenience of your home and quite pocket-friendly too. 

So ladies, get set to shop for the best Linen Sarees from YoYo Fashion online store! You can find different varieties of Linen Saree at highly reasonable prices on our website. We guarantee you will love the quality and diversity of the fabric. Plus you get the benefit of speedy delivery, worldwide shipping option, secure payment methods, and online support. So time to own an authentic Linen Saree in your wardrobe.


Linen Saree Designs

 Sarees with Price 

Latest Multi Color Linen Saree


Latest Off White Linen Saree


Latest Black Linen Saree


Sky Blue Checked Linen Saree


Orange and Beige Linen Jute Saree      


Latest Pink Linen Saree


Latest Yellow Linen Saree


Latest Purple Linen Saree


Latest Grey Linen Saree


Blue Checked Linen Saree                 

Rs. 799