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Art Silk Sarees

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Art silk is a short form of artificial silk. It is created by a synthetic fiber such as Rayon which very much resembles the silk fiber; but, costs a lot less to the manufacturer for production. Ethnic attire for such as Art Silk Sarees, Salwar Kameez, and Lehengas are created by using art silk to keep the cost low. The first traces of art silk had been established in 1931 by an individual who had very little connection with the textile or fabric industry. Henry Ford hired two chemists for producing silk from the soybean fibers.

The material from which art silk had been then made was natural, but the process to manufacture the silk was not natural. In the year 1930, the United States had developed nylon and had used it as a substitute for the Japanese silk which they had ditched during the second World War. The art silk is also known as viscose or rayon, but those are only varieties. These names don't give a definition of artificial silk in totality.

There is a large Variety of Sarees available in the market. From amongst all of them, the silk sarees are considered to be the most desired asset for any woman. Below described in are a variety of the Silk Sarees such as Art Silk Saree, Maheshwari Silk Saree, Raw Silk Saree, Raigarh Ghicha Silk Sarees, Kosa Silk Saree, Dharmavaram Silk Saree, Kashmiri Silk Saree, Jharkhand Tussar Silk Sarees and Kota Silk Saree.

Tips for Buying Art Silk Sarees

There exists a big variety of shops that sell silk sarees like weaver's society, retail outlets, govt owned shops, exclusive art silk saree showrooms and online websites for the purchase of art silk sarees. But before deciding to purchase a silk saree, one must have a clear idea in their minds as to where they wish to buy the saree. As a tip, the best option, from among the above, for the purpose of purchasing a silk saree is a government-owned shop. The reason for this is that one can be assured to get the best quality of the products at reasonable rates. This is also the reason why even many foreign tourists come to such places to make their purchases for art silk sarees as well as wedding silk sarees.

The next tip is about the price of the art silk sarees. One needs to remember that when one seeks to get quality, it is always accompanied by a price tag. The same is true for the art silk sarees. They are a bit pricey but the fabric quality is worth it. If one is getting a silk saree at a discounted rate, then one is definitely being given a substandard quality product or a duplicate one. It is also possible that the saree may not be of art silk. It could be a blend of silk with some other material.

The next option for purchasing the art silk sarees is the weaver's society. Here one can be sure about getting good quality sarees at relatively better rates. But if an individual has a heavy pocket and can spend a little more, there is a wide range of designer sarees that are available in from the exclusive silk saree showroom.

The silk sarees with embellishments on them appear gorgeous and enhance the richness and appeal of the saree. They have a greater value in monetary terms because of the working is done on it.

One more important detail while selecting a silk saree is the choice of an appropriate color. The saree color aids in determining the suitability of the saree on a particular individual. It should always be kept in mind that the color of the art silk sarees must compliment the skin color of the individual.

Tips to Store Silk Sarees

While discussing maintaining as well as taking care of the printed silk sarees, there are certain aspects that are needed to be kept in mind. The very first aspect to be discussed in the area of saree maintenance is the storage of the printed silk sarees.

Many times the silk sarees pick up a peculiar odor, especially during the winters. To prevent this from happening, all that is needed to be done is to keep scented sachets or one can even have naphthalene balls placed near to the sarees in order to prevent the spreading of the small silkworms that may bite their way through the special art silk sarees.

During winters,  these sarees must be hung outside in the open air for a time period of at least half-an-hour so as to provide ventilation to the fabric and have a better life of the product. This drying enables the silk sarees free from any sort of unwanted smell from the sarees. However, it must be taken care of not to let the saree be under the direct sunlight since it may cause the color to fade.

It is to be remembered that such sarees are only worn occasionally and hence they need to be stored at an appropriate place in an appropriate manner. One must not pile the special wedding silk sarees or any other silk saree with the daily wear clothes. These must be stored separately on a different shelf in the closet. It is advisable to wrap up the specially printed silk sarees by using either a printed cotton cloth or saree or a muslin cloth and only then store them. One more aspect to consider for better maintenance of the sarees is to hang them up rather than having multiple piles. By doing so, one can avoid the silk sarees from being creased or torn at the folds.

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Art-Silk Saree Designs

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Designer Red Art Silk Saree


Designer Orange Art Silk Saree


Latest Red Art Silk Saree


Designer Pink Art Silk Saree 


Designer Orange Cotton Silk Saree


Red Art Silk Saree

Rs. 499

Pink and Blue Art Silk Saree

Rs. 499

Green and Pink Art Silk Saree

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Black Printed Art Silk Saree

Rs. 499

Latest Purple Art Silk Saree                         

Rs. 2099

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