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The Banarasi saree is a fine variant of Silk which has its origin from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. The saree is woven from fine silk, and also known as a Banarasi Silk Saree and is extremely popular worldwide. Having a mention in the Mahabharata as well as in the Buddhist scriptures during the first millennium, the Banarasi sarees have its roots in the rich history of India. Traditionally crafted for the royalty, the Banarasi sarees from YOYO Fashion were created from the real gold and silver, taking almost a year to make.

History and Origin of Banarasi Silk Sarees

The Banarasi Silk Sarees are an unmatched example of the excellent artistry craftsmanship. The Mughals had brought this unique craftsmanship to India. The Mughals even tried their best to magnify the art of weaving and designing in the country. During the course of the act, they had inspired a few of the craftsmen to work on the intricate art of weaving. This was the beginning of the saree weaving art in the country. In addition, during that particular time, the Persian motifs were being blended up with the Indian customary attire.

The art of crafting the Banarasi sarees with silks is considered to be very ancient. Their age-old culture of the artistry of the Banarasi silk sarees has been significantly passed down from one generation to the next. The Persian motifs used to be mixed up with the designs of the Indian silk for creating a distinctive flowery pattern of the Banarasi silk sarees, which is extremely typical in the present day.

Tips to Store Banarasi Sarees

While discussing maintaining as well as taking care of the printed banarasi sarees, there are certain aspects that are needed to be kept in mind. The very first aspect to be discussed in the area of saree maintenance is the storage of the printed banarasi sarees.

It is to be remembered that such sarees are only worn occasionally and hence they need to be stored at an appropriate place in an appropriate manner. One must not pile the special wedding banarasi sarees or any other banarasi saree with the daily wear clothes. These must be stored separately on a different shelf in the closet. It is advisable to wrap up the specially printed banarasi sarees by using either a printed cotton cloth or saree or a muslin cloth and only then store them. One more aspect to consider for better maintenance of the sarees is to hang them up rather than having multiple piles. By doing so, one can avoid the banarasi sarees from being creased or torn at the folds.

Many times the banarasi sarees pick up a peculiar odor, especially during the winters. To prevent this from happening, all that is needed to be done is to keep scented sachets or one can even have naphthalene balls placed near to the sarees in order to prevent the spreading of the small silkworms that may bite their way through the special cotton banarasi sarees.

It is also suggested that during winters,  these sarees must be hung outside in the open air for a time period of at least half-an-hour so as to provide ventilation to the fabric and have a better life of the product. This drying enables to make the banarasi sarees free from any sort of unwanted smell from the sarees. However, it must be taken care of not to let the saree be under the direct sunlight since it may cause the color to fade. It is better to hang out the sarees during the early morning time when the heat of the sun is not very intense as well as direct.

Along with appropriate storage, there are times when the sarees need to be washed as well. An appropriate care needs to be taken while washing the pure banarasi sarees. These should be washed only with mild detergent and not soaked for long periods of time. This can affect the texture of the sarees in the long run. Also, the hard water must be avoided for washing the delicate sarees. These sarees need a lot of care to retain its luster and color. If preserved and taken care of well, they have the potential to last for a long time period.

Secure Online Shopping of Banarasi Silk Sarees with YOYO fashion

A guarantee is something that makes a store stand apart. Even though there exist several e-commerce stores that have made their way into the online market, only a select few have been able to manage to earn the confidence of the customers and the reputation of being considered as trustworthy. The one thing which distinguishes a successful store from the rest is a guarantee on their ethnic outfits that they provide. This is primarily because in a credible store every item undergoes certain quality parameters. We at YOYO Fashion, undertake the following measures to ensure that you get the perfect look to ensure your products are of prime quality standards.

Measurement check:  We perform measurement checks to help you grab the perfect fittings. The sarees are attached with blouse pieces to ensure you get a complete look with each purchase and do not need to look around for a matching blouse.

Quality check-up: we make absolutely no compromise following the quality standards.

Fabric Check: A piece of fabric is the soul of Anarkali suits and that is why we have a look over the quality of our fabrics and then make them a part of our catalog.

Easy to Order Easy to Pay

The guarantee is not considered to be the only aspect that our online store is famous for. Along with the quality we are even adored for our secured payment gateway options, which helps our customers to select the appropriate option and then make their payments for their purchases without worrying about anything. We even provide cash on delivery and return or exchange facility in case our customers wish to have a different size of the order. For us, the convenience of our customers is of prime importance.

YOYO Fashion is crafted Banarasi silk sarees using silver or gold threads and made with the top quality standards like fabrics. Our latest Banarasi saree collection is decorated with tiny motifs or booties across a whole length.  All our Banarasi sarees are known with elusive embroidery work.

Latest Banarasi Silk Sarees Online with Prices 

Banarasi Saree Designs

 Sarees  Price    

Black Banarasi Silk Saree With Silver Zari Design

Rs. 1349

Navy Blue Banarasi Silk Saree With Silver Zari Design

Rs. 1349
Pink Fancy Banarasi Silk Saree with Designer Blouse Rs. 1381

Light Green Banarasi Polyster Saree For Ladies

Rs. 1349

Traditional Yellow Soft Banarasi Lichi Silk Designer Saree    

Rs. 1349

Red and Grey Banarasi Velvet Saree for Traditional Look

Rs. 1049
Designer Sky Blue Lichi Silk Saree Rs. 880
Beautiful Red Lichi Silk Zigzag Design Saree Rs. 880

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