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Bhagalpuri Sarees

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Sarees are the most loved ethnic attire of every woman. It accentuates her beauty and appearance on any occasion. Bhagalpuri Sarees famously known as the 'Queen of all silks' has been one of the favorites of every Indian woman who loves silk sarees. As ethnic wear in the Silk Saree category, Bhagalpuri silk sarees are the favorite amongst women of all ages for occasions such as weddings, family functions, religious occasions, and other celebrations; a legacy that has been carried forward through generations. This saree can be worn for any occasion, be it formal or even non-formal due to their delicate designs, subtle colors and can mold itself into any form of gathering.

The History Behind Bhagalpuri Sarees

Bhagalpuri silk sarees have originated from the city of Bhagalpur in Bihar. Also called the “silk city” of India, Bhagalpur has a history of skilled craftsmen who excelled at weaving this unique type of silk. Known as the hub for weavers and patrons of Indian handloom sarees, Bhagalpur town has about 30,000 weavers and more than 25,000 looms. The uniqueness of Bhagalpuri silk is the fact that it is eco-friendly. During the procedure, a limited number of silkworms and the majority of the silkworms are not harmed. Hence Bhagalpuri silk is also sometimes referred to as “peace silk”.

It started as an ordinary task of separating the threads from the silkworms and later spinning it on a year. This method yielded a superior quality and brilliantly textured fabric. Soon people recognized the magic of this weave and its demand spread far and wide and thus this occupation became a source of livelihood for many silk artisans in Bhagalpur. The Mughals of that era were also quite impressed by the craftsmanship of these artisans and appreciated the beauty of the fabric.

Popular Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

If we trace our Indian heritage and tradition, the craftsmen of Bhagalpur used a different dying technique which is what sets this silk saree apart from other sarees. Known for its fine texture,  this saree is popular due to its magnificent sheen and grandeur. Bhagalpuri silk sarees have gained popularity across India as well as abroad and is widely favored by fashion enthusiasts of the world. Reputed fashion designers are also creating fabulous Bhagalpuri silk sarees in the latest designs. Due to growing popularity and interest, international ramps and fashion shows are now including these fabrics for display which in turn attracts millions of garment manufacturers abroad. It is noteworthy that top designers from fashion capitals like Paris, London and Milan are also using Bhagalpuri silk in their creations. 

The Specialty of Bhagalpuri Sarees

Bhagalpuri sarees are from Bhagalpur, the silk city of the orient. There are many reasons behind why the bhagalpuri silks continue to be a favorite among women and some of the specialties of bhagalpuri sarees are mentioned below: 

  • Bhagalpuri silks are made from one of the finest silk threads in India hence the fabric is very silken in nature.
  • Silk sarees have a certain kind of texture that looks elegant and luxurious. In other words, this silk is not too gaudy or flashy. In fact, they have a primitive charm in them which looks simple yet classy.
  • The designs that are printed or woven on the bhagalpuri silks speaks of the golden time of the Moghul era when artworks were honored and beauty was applauded.
  • The sarees come in vibrant colors of pink, yellow, navy blue, solid red, fuschia, grey and teal green. There is a whole white color palette available in colors like off white, ivory, dark cream and beige in the saree market.
  • The silk threads are weaved into artistic and symbolic designs and motifs making a Bhagalpuri saree bright in its texture and feel.
  • Also, Bhagalpuri silks are comfortable and easily worn during any season.

Quality of Bhagalpuri Silk 

Bhagalpur silk is woven from the silk threads of multi colors of a special type of cocoon, called the tusser cocoons. Due to this reason, they are also called 'Tusser Silk Sarees'. Owing to the superior quality of silk produced in Bhagalpur, these sarees are exported to different parts of the country and even worldwide. Though some of the southern silk fabrics like Bengaluru and Mysuru silk compete with Bhagalpuri artwork, the finesse and purity of this embroidery are just very unique.

Bhagalpuri Silk Saree Designs 2021

There are many varieties of Bhagalpuri silk sarees. These are available in multiple hues and prints, intricate embroidery designs, and patterns. They also come in the form of a blended fabric which is a mix of both cotton and silk. There are many specialties and varieties like Katia, Giccha, Eri, Mulberry and various varieties of Tussar silk which provides a feel of delicateness to its texture along with a rich and royal outlook.

How to Take Care of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

To take care of your bhagalpuri silk sarees, it is always a good idea to get them dry-cleaned. This goes a long way in maintaining the richness and brightness of the fabric and helps retain its color. Always store these sarees in dry and air-tight boxes, wrapped in translucent paper, so that moisture does not cause any damage. After the initial dry clean wash, you can opt for gentle hand washes that will help to sustain the beauty and longevity of the fabric.

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If you wish to look regal and sophisticated then wear Bhagalpuri silk sarees. This rich and royal fabric is the best tribute to the traditional Indian sarees. Team it up with pure gold or silver jewelry and you are sure to dazzle like a Diva! You can also pair it up with pearl or Kundan jewelry to give a royal look. 

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