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Printed Sarees

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A saree can be considered to be nothing less than magic which has been draped in nine yards over the women's body. A saree is a must-have for every wardrobe. A saree is definitely adorned by each and every woman, especially in the Asian subcontinents. It can also be seen that there are women across the world, mainly the distant foreign countries who even are able to spare time and have the patience to drape a saree for any special occasion or a traditional event. The saree made by carefully weaving together the threads of fabric and topped up with exceptional designs as well as patterns. These patterns change every region even within a distance of 2kms.  Along with the variety of patterns, designs, and textures, there is also a variety in the method of draping the sarees.

With the modern-day fashion world, women all over the world are making a style statement by draping sarees for special events and occasions. There are special types of sarees that are designed and created for special occasions by special designers and weavers. Let's have a look at the printed sarees and the special care that these sarees need.

About Printed Fabric

Textile printing is a process of applying the color on the fabric in certain definite patterns or designs. In the properly printed fabrics, color is bonded to the fiber, so as to avoid its fading during washing or friction. Textile printing is related to the dyeing but in the dyeing process, the whole fabric is uniformly covered in only one color, whereas in the printing process one or more colors are used in certain parts only, and in certain defined patterns.

History of Printed Sarees

The Woodblock printing technique is considered to be a technique for printing images, text,  or patterns. It is used widely across East Asia. It probably originating in China as a method of printing on the textiles and later on the paper. As a method for printing on the cloth, the earliest examples are from China which dates back to 220 BC.

The Textile printing was also known in Europe, by the Islamic world, from almost the 12th century, and is now widely used. But, the European dyes tend to liquefy, which restricted the use of the printed patterns. The fairly large and ambitious designs had been printed for decorative purposes like wall-hangings and lectern-cloths, where it was less of a problem since they did not need any washing.

From the artistic point of view, the pioneering work in the calico printing was performed by the French. During the early days of industry to the latter half of the 20th century, production of the French printers in Beauvais, Rouen, Jouy, and in Alsace-Lorraine, had been looked upon as the ones representing all that had been in the artistic calico printing.

Wash Care Tips for the Printed Sarees

It is not recommended to wash printed sarees. But in situations like when the sarees are used for several times or they become very old, one may feel that there is a need to wash the precious printed sarees. In this situation, if certain tips are followed then a safe wash can be ensured for the printed sarees.

It is advisable to wash the printed sarees only in cold water. One must avoid using any kind of harsh detergents that may in any way affect the color or texture of the specially printed sarees. One can also make the use of herbal shampoo or else make use of gentle detergents that are specially designed for it. One should avoid the process of soaking a printed saree. Rather it must be just dipped in soapy water and immediately removed within a minute or less. It must be thoroughly rinsed so as to remove any detergent particles. But one must avoid excessively squeezing the printed sarees as there are chances that the saree might tear apart. Once the rinsing process is completed, it is suggested to roll up the saree within a towel or a cotton cloth that can absorb the water from the washed saree. Another alternative is to keep the saree in a hanging position until the saree is dried. Again here it must be noted to hang the sarees to dry only in a shady area and not under direct sunlight since it may cause the sarees to lose color and become dull in shade.

In case of any kind of stains being implanted on the printed sarees, then it is best to give the precious sarees to a professional dry cleaner. Be it a printed silk saree or a cotton printed saree, one must mention it to the dry cleaners so that they can dry clean or use petrol wash it in the appropriate manner. One should avoid experiments at home in such cases.

The next step after washing and drying is that of ironing. A printed saree needs to be ironed in order to retain its luster and shine. The best option for this stage is to give the printed saree to a professional so that the ironing can be done in an appropriate manner. In case an individual chooses to do the ironing at home, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind while ironing the printed sarees. The first factor in ironing is that of heat. One needs to constantly maintain low temperatures while ironing the printed sarees. During the process, if the iron becomes hot, then a thin cloth of cotton will be material must be placed above the saree and below the iron. Other than regular ironing, one can also opt for steam ironing as an alternative. During the process of ironing, first, the heavy borders need to be ironed. Once they are done than the middle part, having four-folds can be done. Care needs to be taken to avoid excessive pressing of the iron to avoid the creation of line-markings.


Latest Printed Saree Designs 

Saree Prices   

Shilpa Shetty Lavender Floral Printed Georgette Saree

Rs 1499

Blue Georgette Floral Printed Saree


Black Georgette Floral Printed Saree With Satin Border    


Sabyasachi Light Green Georgette Floral Printed Saree 

Rs 1499

Grey Party Wear Floral Printed Georgette Saree


Yellow And White Printed Ruffle Saree


Kareena Kapoor Powder Blue Bollywood Organza Saree


Priyanka Chopra Sabyasachi Black Printed Saree


Red And Yellow Bandhani Print Bhagalpuri Saree


Vidya Balan Red Printed Paper Silk Saree


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