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Organza Sarees

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Women are still enchanted with the magic of the six yards. It is a must-have ethnic attire which she keeps in her wardrobe for those occasional events. Sarees are still ruling the Indian market and we at YOYO Fashion have some of the best Indian sarees that you will surely love to wear.

And organza sarees are a special type of sarees that are traditionally manufactured out of silk. Along with silk, it contains a blend of synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. When these ultra-thin and continuous fiber filaments are woven together in a very balanced way they create a beautiful plain, weave-like texture. In deeply organza sarees the weave is a lot denser and finer than normal organza sarees.

Evolution of Organza Fabric

Organza is a light sheer fabric that was originally made from silk. This was named after the town of Urgang in Turkestan where it was invented. This town had one of the most famous silk markets at the time where this fabric was sold. It is made from a material known as Organzine, which was made from strong fibers of silk that were twisted into strands. Although it was originally made of silk, there arose a need for creating a fabric with greater flexibility and strength but the same translucent look. This resulted in the use of nylon and polyester threads, either completely or partially in the creation. Nowadays, different appeals are created by modifying the weave of the filaments. The modernized version of the fabric hence is created individually from either - silk, polyester or nylon, or even a blend of the three.

Features of Organza Fabric

  • Organza is lightweight and thin material giving the wearer a natural thin-like appearance.
  • Its texture is crisp and stiff.
  • Also, the fabric is quite airy and flowy like chiffon and georgette.
  • Being a sturdy fabric, it is mostly used as garment linings in ready-made dresses.
  • Organza fabric is ideal for making evening wear, wedding gowns, costumes, and underskirts.
  • Besides fashion outfits, organza also finds use in home décor and interior design.
  • Although organza can easily be dyed, designers prefer to use it in its natural white color.

Different Varieties of Organza Sarees

Here's a glimpse into different types of organza sarees.

  1. Organza silk sarees are mostly made of silk weave which gives it the wearer an extravagant look. Many styles, textures and color shades are available to choose from. Being quite fashionable, these sarees can be worn for any type of semi-formal or casual occasions.
  2. Plain organza sarees as the name suggest are very simple with little or no design prints. This saree is a favorite because of the material sheerness and the overall color and quality. Plain designs look good on women of any age. Normal organza sarees can be made from natural or synthetic fibers, like nylon, or polyester.
  3. Banarasi organza silk saris are best suited for marriages and wedding ceremonies and occasions. It has amazing designs that are made in the holy city of Varanasi in India. The designs mostly include the use of silver and gold zari brocade, which is warped at regular intervals of the saree weave. There is also a lot of embroideries that are used as well, like designer pallu and patch border.
  4. Kanchi organza sarees have a long patch border, along with various other designer prints on the saree itself. It has the simplicity along with a magical sheer in gold or silver color which makes it a desired saree for most women out there.
  5. The Fancy organza sarees are crafted with different types of designer prints. Each design has its own look and uniqueness. The design can be checkered, or a solid color, or can be stripped or can be squares – the list can be endless.
  6. In the case of Glass organza sarees, the sarees are mostly dyed multiple times and are studded with mirror glasswork. The sarees come in solid colors and emphasize more on mirror work along with double borders all over. This gives the saree a dazzling look.
  7. Organza tissue sarees originate from the thin form-factor of the sarees, almost like a tissue. The weave is a thin blend of synthetic fiber or silk. Hence the fabric is light and soft, so these tissue saris are the most comfortable organza saree to wear on any occasion.
  8. The main feature of Organza cotton sarees is the use of cotton in the organza silk blend and weaving the saree out of it. Organza cotton saris have solid colors, with a tint of designer prints along with normal patch border length. These sarees can be used in any type of everyday occasion, and therefore not made for formal or semi-formal wear.

How to Style Organza Sarees

Organza sarees have a lavish appearance. So here is some styling advice to flaunt the saree in the best way.

  • Because of the lavish appearance of the saree, you don’t have to wear lots of jewelry and accessories to make your look stand out from the crowd. The saree itself will do all the work, and therefore you can simply put on minimal accessories along with the saree.
  • Organza sarees give a dainty appearance to the wearer, hence it can be accessorized with jewelry in precious metals and precious stones like diamonds and platinum.
  • Also, keep in mind that this type of saree is mostly ideal for a young and middle-aged group of women. Organza sarees are the best option for women with a thin and petite appearance.
  • Blouses made from silk, nylon, polyester or even organza complements well to these sarees.

Shop Online Latest Organza Sarees 2021 from YOYO Fashion

There are various kinds of organza sarees to be bought. From simple ones like plain organza saree to higher-end ones like designer organza saree. There is an organza saree for every occasion out there, be it semi-formal, formal, or casual. Be sure to check out the style and design of every organza saree before deciding on the final type. Planning to buy a good woven and thin manufactured sarees? You should look at the latest collection of organza sarees at YOYO Fashion.


Organza Saree Designs                  

Sarees Price    

Black Butterfly Embroidered Organza Saree      

Rs. 999

Red Butterfly Embroidered Organza Saree

Rs. 999

Sky Blue Butterfly Embroidered Organza Saree  

Rs. 999

Peach Butterfly Embroidered Organza Saree 

Rs. 999

Pink Butterfly Embroidered Organza Saree

Rs. 999

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