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Handloom Kurtis

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India is known for its rich heritage of textiles and handlooms. Handwoven Indian textiles have an unmatched finesse and uniqueness to it. They are crafted with love and dedication by the weavers to produce top quality handlooms. Each handwoven textile depicts a certain character and adds more drama to your ethnic wear.

The traditional Indian kurti are handwoven with the finest textiles with a distinct ethnic touch. Stylish, comfortable kurti tops look absolutely flattering, no matter how you wear them. Be it a formal function or a casual gathering with your friends and family, you can put on a kurti for any occasion. What’s best is that you don’t have to worry about your size and shape to wear a kurti. They are easy to wear and maintain and can be worn over stylish pants, leggings, and recently palazzos. So handloom kurtis are every woman’s go-to garment.

Origin of Handlooms in India

Since ancient times India has been a well-known exporter of textiles. India exported fabrics to far eastern and some European countries. Traditional Indian weaves date back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Cotton textiles and weaving looms were preferred to make garments back then. The tribal life of people that time is reflected in the designs which were generally in the form of motifs and figures of plants, animals and human figures. So during primitive times, men used to make their own garments. Essentially everything was handwoven and handspun. Later on many textile mills were set up in major towns of India to expand the trade of handlooms.

The journey of the Handloom Industry

The cottage industry developed in India gradually. Skilled artisans weaved fabrics from natural fibers like cotton, jute, silk, wool, etc. The whole family was engaged in the production of cloth. Everything from spinning the yarn, coloring to weaving on the loom was done by them. Fabrics produced from these looms were referred to as Handloom. They used materials like wood and bamboo during the production process and hence it was an eco-friendly method of producing clothes.

Craftsmen generally used the spinning wheel to spurn yarn. This was later made into cloth on the handloom by the weavers. We can say that the entire process of fabric production was manual. The fabric thus produced was for the masses and affordable for everyone. Gradually many weaving styles were introduced which used machine-spun yarn.

Modern Take-on on Traditional Handloom Kurtis

From plain simple handlooms to a variety of motifs, trendy geometric designs, tye and dye techniques to intricate artwork on the fabrics, traditional handloom Kurtis have undergone a major transformation. Indian fashion designers have kept the old handwoven fabric but added a contemporary touch to its design and pattern.

Designers today are trying to keep the age-old Indian tradition of handwoven textiles alive. They create a beautiful piece of ethnic wear by adding their own creativity and craftsmanship in the traditional handloom outfits to give it a modern twist. So the handloom kurti collection showcases modernism in terms of design and tradition in terms of fabric. Flaunt the newest and best collection with our trendy handloom kurtis range. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and styling our handloom kurtis are second to none. These kurtis are available at pocket-friendly prices.

Tips to Style your Handloom Kurtis

  • Choose handloom kurtis in solid colors with a border or printed kurtis for a casual occasion. For more formal wear, you can go for light subtle shades of handwoven ethnic kurtis.
  • A high neck, straight handloom kurtis in plain shades or printed designs in subtle colors is ideal for your office look.
  • Pair it up with funky fashion jewelry to add some character to your ethnic look.
  • Team it with colorful jutis and it will surely add some zing to your handloom kurti.
  • Carry a large tote bag or a jute shopping bag that will complement your traditional kurti very well.
  • You can wear your handloom kurti with leggings to look sober or with the trendy palazzos to get a more chic look.
  • If you like to flaunt an indo-western look, then wear your handloom kurti over jeans and you will be the talk of the town.
  • Handloom kurtis will look more appealing if you wrap a scarf or stole around it. This will enhance your appearance giving it a fusion twist.
  • Handloom kurtis are best worn during the hot summer season, as they are comfortable, lightweight and easy to maintain.

Buy the Best Handloom Kurtis Online


Handloom Kurtis is back in fashion trends. Pair this traditional and beautiful handwoven kurtis with matching leggings or even the latest style of the palazzo. Include these in your ethnic collection and enhance your fashion sense, this handloom kurtis with leggings are suitable for casual wear, office wear, parties, and social gatherings. Have a nice collection of this traditional and contemporary kurtis and flaunt them in style.

We have a genuine and distinct collection of handloom kurtis which are available in top quality at fair prices. We are one of the most trusted online Fashion Brand. The range of products we develop at our facilities and provide online is truly extravagant. All our ethnic wear creations are specially designed and crafted by master designers.

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Revive the Handloom Industry

There came a time in the Indian fashion industry when the Handlooms saw a decline in popularity. Let us protect our conventional Indian Handlooms and keep our tradition alive in form of handloom ethnic wear. Let us pay an ode to the dedicated masters of the weaving craft by wearing the handwoven fabric garments. Handlooms are timeless fabrics and there is dire need to revive them in the fashion industry. So let's wear our traditional handloom kurtis in style!


Handloom Kurti Designs

Kurti Prices         

Stylish White Cotton Kurti with Jacket

Rs. 1699

Stylish Blue and White Handloom Kurti with Jacket    

Rs. 1699

Stylish Khadi Handloom Kurti with Jacket

Rs. 1699

Stylish Sky Blue Handloom Kurti

Rs. 1399

Stylish Black Handloom Kurti

Rs. 1399

Stylish Off White Handloom Kurti

Rs. 1399

Stylish Beige Handloom Kurti with Skirt

Rs. 1999

Sky Blue Handloom Kurti with Skirt

Rs. 1999

Black and White Handloom Checked Kurti with Skirt

Rs. 1999

Pink Handloom Kurti with Skirt

Rs. 1999

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