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Blue Kurtis

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The earth is said to be made up of 70-80% percent of water. Our bodies also contain about 70-80% of water. These in itself have no color but for easy understanding, they are made up of blue-colored elements. The color Blue represents both the sea and the sky, and it is often associated with freedom, intuition, imagination, open spaces, sensitivity, expansiveness, and inspiration. The Blue color even represents different meanings such as sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, depth, trust, heaven, loyalty, faith, and intelligence. Wearing blue provides immense benefits. Yoyo fashion understands your needs and creates kurtis just right for every occasion.

Significance of Blue Color

The Blue color can be strong and steadfast or even be light and friendly. The blue color is used to represent piety and sincerity in heraldry. In many cultures, the color blue is significant for religious beliefs, to bring peace, or it is even believed to keep the bad spirits at bay. Different cultures have different meanings for the same color. In Iran, the blue color is a symbol of mourning whereas in the West the blue bridal tradition is a representation of love.

The blue color indicates importance, significance, and confidence without generating somber or sinister feelings. This is typically where the corporate blue color suit and the blue-colored uniforms of the police officers and the firefighter come from. Blue is also considered to be a highly corporate color.

Top and Trendy Blue Kurtis

When you wear something that is of the color blue, it has a positive effect on the mind and on the body. For the color of the spirit, the blue color invokes feelings of tranquility in the person wearing it. It is very cooling in nature and helps to balance self-expression. The Blue color is also considered to be an appetite suppressant. So, people who want to lose weight, blue is the color for you.

From light blue, sky blue, navy, dark blue, turquoise there are ample shades of blue kurtis. When worn with contrasting color leggings, this kurtis give you an altogether different look. You can even team up your blue kurti with you black or white trousers for a more western look.

There are several varieties of the color blue and not all of them are serene and sedate. Electric or brilliant blue is a dynamic and dramatic choice. It is an engaging color that expresses exhilaration. Choose your blue kurtis wisely to get the benefit from your attire. Yoyo fashion has the widest range of blue kurtis that you can ever imagine.

Buy Best Blue Kurtis Online

We understand your needs at YOYO FASHION. Our designers create kurtis in a myriad collection of colors and shades. They create unique combinations of designs and patterns which are perfect for parties and for formal occasions as well. Our easy shopping guide will help you to select the right style, design, and color of your blue kurtis so that you look your best on any occasion.


Blue Kurti Designs

 Kurti Prices         

Yellow and Blue Rayon Kurti

Rs. 899

Stylish Blue Cotton Kurti

Rs. 899

Designer Blue Denim Kurti

Rs. 1099

Designer Sky Blue Khadi Cotton Kurti

Rs. 799

Designer Yello and Blue Rayon Kurti

Rs. 1199

Long Blue Cotton Kurti with Palazzo

Rs. 1599

Stylish Sky Blue Maslin Long Kurti

Rs. 1599

Stylish Navy Blue Cotton Gown

Rs. 1699

Stylish Navy Blue Cotton Kurti with Jacket

Rs. 1699

Designer Blue Georgette Kurti

Rs. 1399


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