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Fashion Bloggers Policy

1. What do you require to collaborate with us?

Your blog must have 20+ DA and have traffic more than 1000+ per day.
You have at least 10,000+ followers with one of your social networking accounts and your posts should be engaging.
Your Youtube Channel has over 20,000+ subscribers.

2. Share your view and thoughts on our clothing through your social networks.

You should use our clothing items to create a lookbook, take photos, shoot videos and post them on your blog, Youtube, Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook, Facebook stories, Pinterest, etc. within 1-2 weeks of receiving the parcel. When you publish photos or videos of outfits and reviews, please mention the link of all the product pages, the link of the home page, and the link of our Android application on your post/photos.

Note: Notify us via WhatsApp, email or call once you publish your photos, videos, and comments.

3. YOYO Fashion reserves the right to collect photos of your post, use the information of your post.

We may use and collect the content, photos of your blog or post, and videos to put it on our social media, Youtube channel, and on our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

YOYO Fashion would review the performance of the collaboration program on a monthly basis. We will contact you for more collaboration based on your previous performance. 

Note: For further information, you can even directly contact us on +91 8347588688. 

If you want to join our program, please click "I Agree" to continue the process.