Bridal attire is one of the most precious and cherished memories of the big wedding day. But designing or finding the right one according to the color tone, fabric, and embroidery work, is not an easy task. And if you have no idea about what kind of fabric to choose, then this post is for you only. If you are planning to design your own bridal outfit, then must read this post about how to choose the right fabric for your bridal lehenga.

1.   Touch & Feel the Fabric

 Consider this is the most important step to cut down the price of bridal lehenga. While on a shopping for a lehenga fabric, first ask the salesperson to touch & feel the fabric. Choose fabric which is comfortable and doesn’t harm your skin. Sometimes the smell of the fabric also harms to your skin, so, make sure to smell it to avoid irritation on your sensitive skin. Wrap the fabric around yourself like a lehenga, so, you get the idea about how much fabric you will need and how much heavy it will be after it gets ready. If you want to go for lighter and minimalistic wedding attire, then choose fabrics like chiffon, georgette, and crepe. But, if you want to go for a royal look on your big wedding day, then pick either net, velvet, brocade or silk fabric.

2. Don’t forget the Season

There are two things related to the season, that you need to consider while choosing the right fabric for the bridal lehenga. One is the season (winter, summer, and monsoon), and the other is time (day-time/night-time). For a summer wedding, choose fabrics like chiffon, georgettes, and cotton. And for a winter wedding, fabrics like brocade, raw silk, crepe, organza, and velvet will be a good choice for bridal attire.

3. Body Shape & Suitability

The fabric is the main part of any designer attire, and if we talk about the wedding outfit, then it should be perfect. Every woman desire to wear the latest and trendy outfit inspired by their social media feeds. But before copying someone else’s style, look at your body structure, and choose designs and fabrics which complement your body frame. If you are petite and small-boned, then fabric like organza, and raw silk will add some amount of volume to your body. And if you are plus size and a curvier little bit, then chiffon, velvet, brocade, and georgette will help you to look slim down. Though Net fabric adds a plus point to your overall wedding look, it does not looks good in photographs.

4. Skin Friendly Fabric

You can look like a princess on your wedding day, but if you’re not comfortable in your bridal lehenga, then it will show on your face as well as in pictures. Sometimes fabrics like net, georgette, silk, and lace worn for long periods will leave nasty rashes.  Cotton or silk fabric will be safe for people with allergy prone or sensitive skin.  Also, make sure your lehenga has soft cotton fabric inner, otherwise it will make you feel uneasiness.

5. Embroideries & Embellishments

After finalizing the fabric for the bridal lehenga, choose embroideries and embellishments that go with your chosen fabric. If you want to experiment with some unique embroidery patterns, then select fabrics like crepe, georgette, silk, and velvet. And if you are not e

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